There are many registries that collect information about the effectiveness, safety or efficiency of healthcare. However, there are few registries that combine prospective clinical data with the patients' perspective measured by patient-reported outcome measures

TiH develops innovative software solutions to gather, store and report data from questionnaires, laboratory results and clinical data in source documents without the need for superfluous procedures. The systems support single-entry, multiple-use of data by allowing automatic data-exchange between the hospital information systems and the registry database. The intuitive dashboards offer extensive possibilities for real-time data reporting.

At the individual patient level, caregivers and patients can enter data and monitor the patients' health status in an electronic patient file (EPF). This facilitates patient-centered care and supports self-management and involvement in medical decision-making. At the hospital and population level the systems offer opportunities to monitor adherence to guidelines and stimulate efficient use of means. Benchmarking options provide transparency of care quality at the level of individual caregivers or institutions and can be used to start a cycle of improvement through clinical auditing. Furthermore, the data can be used to conduct scientific studies.